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Adding PATH in linux


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As i'm still a newb at adding paths and so on, here is what im trying to do.  On my RPI3, using raspbian, im trying to add my golang path to the root directory so that I can use bettercap with the sudo command.  I know im probably overlooking something or just not quite understanding something.  but bettercap will run without sudo but always tells me it doesnt have permission and when I try to use $ sudo bettercap , my pi tells me that the command is not found.  

So i need to add my go path to root but im at a loss on how.  I have already added the go path in my .bashrc file from my home directory but being a pi that is not root.   I would just use kali on my pi, but I also want to learn more about linux while im stuck, id still like to learn for future programs.

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