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KVM switch


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so i got KVM switch and i hooked it up and i can see computer A but when i switch to computer B it only gives me a black screen. if i switch to computer B and unplug the VGA cable from the KVM switch my desktop for computer B shows up but as soon as i plug in the VGA cable for comp A back into the switch it goes black again.

anyone run into this problem before??

could it be the video driver?


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I had a cheapy kvm that one particular comp.(may have been the video card in that comp) couldnt push past 60hz. unplug and go direct to monitor, and it did 85hz fine.

I chalked it up to not enough power. I believe said comp was a shuttle, with agp card installed, not onboard video.

other tower comp got to 85hz fine through the KVM

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