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Devices don't connect to PineAP


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I followed this video:


However, when I am disconnecting my phone from AP, it doesn't connect to my PineAP, it connects back to main AP.

I don't know if it has to do anything with the fact that I have WPA2 enabled, but when I do the same with open AP(with no password), my phone does connect to PineAP.

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I have the same issue, I've got loads of Access Points around me and I'm able to find them via scans, but almost no clients probes are indicated by PineAP although it's configured as follows, any idea? is this a malfunctioning Nano?

If it's indeed because there's a WPA password, then no a lot of use cases around here.

Nano was upgraded to the latest hardware version 2.2.0

The following settings are enabled: 

Allow Associations 
Log PineAP Events
Client Connect Notifications
Client Disconnect Notifications
Capture SSIDs to Pool
Beacon Response
Broadcast SSID Pool





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20 hours ago, l1ghtman said:

I don't know if it has to do anything with the fact that I have WPA2 enabled,

It is exactly that, the pineapple cant spoof a WPA2 AP without knowing the password.  It is however possible to manually configure an EvilTwin if you know the WPA2 password. There used to be a module that did this from the UI but so far its not been updated so no longer works.

Your main targets are clients that have used Open AP's in the past (so exist in known network history), but that are out of range of a known WPA2 AP. - then the pineapples suck in clients like a sponge absorbing water. for example a coffee shops, airports  or hotels might give better results.

Also the range of the nano is limited, it has no built in amplifiers like the tetra does. its an up close and personal kinda device unless you add amplifiers and higher gain antennas

Trust me, PineAP is the best it has ever been on the latest version of firmware ?


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