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Removing Module over SSH


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I've been attempting to install RandomRoll on my nano and it keeps hanging at "installing". I did not see it in my installed modules list and decided to SSH into the device to see if it is showing up in /sd/modules. I do see RandomRoll in /sd/modules. I decide to try to remove the directory and reinstall fresh. Unfortunately, I can't remove the directory because it is saying, "Directory not empty."


I tried a bunch of different flags, (-r, -f, -rf with both "rm" and "rmdir") and still can't remove it. I tried sudo but it doesn't look like that command is recognized. Has anyone been able to remove these directories this way? Like I said, it's not showing up in the GUI so I can't remove it from there. 

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It should be "rm -rf" as that is used when uninstalling modules from the UI

private function removeModule()
        if (is_link("/pineapple/modules/{$this->request->moduleName}")) {
            exec("rm -rf /sd/modules/{$this->request->moduleName}");
        } else {
            exec("rm -rf /pineapple/modules/{$this->request->moduleName}");

        $this->response = array('success' => true);

you could always try popping the sd card out and do it on another machine

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