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3 hours ago, Kajo said:

anyone tried how it works?

We'll need more information.

Searching online, there's quite a few things 'netman' could be. Link?

Also, please advise what you are looking for; are you getting an issue with it? Are you looking for advice on how to do something in particular? Are you looking for resources to learn how to use it?

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I work in quite small ISP.
We started to connect our clients' homes with optic fiber (GPON).
We are looking for some software which would allow us to draw each cables' routes,
connect network devices and monitor them (including old wireless network parts).
Right now we are using Mikrotik Dude, but it doesn't allow adding optic fibers.
On Youtube, I saw Netman allows to add optic fibers and monitor network. Is someone
using it ? Does it meet my requirements ? I dont want to waste time on learning something
new if it is buggy or has some serious functional flaws.
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If the ports your fiber links are on support snmp, you can monitor them on the dude.  I have a couple clients we monitor fiber links between switches on the dude.  Though honestly, this is the wrong forum be be asking these kinds of questions on.

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