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Bluetooth dongle idea

Dave-ee Jones

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THIS MOST LIKELY HAS ALREADY BEEN ASKED SOMEWHERE ON THE WEBTERNETS but every result that Google comes up with is completely different.

Anyway, we all know of bluetooth keyboard and mice that are permanently paired to a USB dongle. Plug in the USB, it gets messages sent to it from the keyboard/mouse and inputs HID commands to the PC. Easy.

I would like to do the exact same thing with a phone. Have a USB dongle permanently paired with your phone (at least on the USB end - the phone can freely connect/disconnect) and pass mouse and keyboard events to it through an app. Power would, obviously, be provided over the USB port.

How good would that be, considering it's just generic HID, to plug into a PC and walk away and start typing commands and stuff? You could potentially get a live screen view over USB (or even emulate a display adapter).

This could easily be extended to macros, shortcuts and maybe even software-passthrough. Would be very neat.

I can definitely see this as a Hak5 product as well. A universal, tiny, USB dongle that plugs in to pair to your phone.

Just an idea - maybe it's already been created and someone can link me? ?

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the ubertooth is a nice platform for some bluetooth stuff. but its a bit big so you need to make it somewhat smaller to make it work like you wand to implement it.

if you want display back that is going to be tricky because that is some big amount of data. but have a look at this defcon talk about the eBUSe

check the nrf devices from nordicsemi. search for a controller that has bluetooth and usb and microntroller. maybe you can find a nice chip there to use for the project. maybe the nRF52840 is a nice one.

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