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The State of WiFi Pineapple University

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You've been a great inspiration for me over the years, which I must admit has definitely influenced my wallet-spending habit on, well, just about ALL of Hak5 products I could get my hands on!  LOL  One of those happens to be the WiFi Pineapple Tetra which I find awesome for sure!  However, I'm not sure if I'm finding the right resources out there that could help walk me through all the capabilities (in-depth).  If I'm incorrect then I apologize, but what I'm seeing are videos that walk through the MK4/5 models mainly, and not the on the current (more improved/capable) Pineapple Nano's and Tetra models.  I'm not sure what the consensus would be on this topic but I'd be the first take advantage of a NEW walk-thru lesson-by-lesson demonstration on the WiFi Pineapple University!

Anyway, just wanted to give the forum a try and where this post might take us...


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