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How to do MITM Attack: JavaScript injection


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Hello everybody,

A few weeks ago I purchased my Packet Squirrel which I am in love to. ...and after doing some DNS spoofing, I thought why not to do another type of MITM attack: JavaScript injection. It would be an amazing idea to combine that together with BeEF. So, I am here to ask: what specifically I should do? Using tools such as Xerosploit won't work as it is targeted for a specific host, unlike what I want to do: use it with a whole network, putting Packet Squirrel between a router and an antenna.

Thanks again,


P.S: it may be a dead-easy or super dumb question, but I'm new here, so I don't really know: how to ask Great Questions.

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8 hours ago, moliata said:

EDIT: MITMf seems to not work still, it would be great for any other solution.

Just remember that the PS runs Openwrt.  So anything not in the Openwrt repo wont really work well unless you compile it yourself.

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