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Blown a chip. Help?

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        Is it even possible to get back up from this stupid mistake? I grabbed whatever cord I could find so I could update my tetra since it just sits on my shelf collecting dust. I mistakenly used a pretty powerful cord and watched as the tetra starting smoking in my hands. I unplugged it, opened it, and noticed that the chip near the power input was blown. No other chips seem affected.

Is there any way to get ahold of a spare chip, or is it worthless by the fact the board is burned too. I included the picture of the chip.


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2 hours ago, Dave-ee Jones said:

Yeaaaaa, almost 30V and 3A..

It should only need around ~12V and 2A..

Yeahhh haha a little overkill...


18 minutes ago, trapman16 said:

You can get a replacement chip but will have to be able to solder it on.  Also you could have more fried components that are visibly damaged.....

Are you able to point me in the direction of a new chip? As I'm not so well at finding reliable and trusted sources. I've checked about everything on the top So I'll take my chance. If you can somehow identify any more fried components from a picture, I would love your help. Thanks 

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You just need a FR9888 step down regulator.  You should be able to find a few around the web.  eBay has them but you will typically have to buy them in packs:  https://www.ebay.com/itm/10pcs-FR9888-FR9888SPGTR-SOP-8-IC-good-quality-/291656081865

Its hard to tell from the picture posted.  Just depends on the rating of other components used on the board but there is a chance that capacitors, resistors used in the reg circuit could be fried.  Not real familiar with the chip but if it caused a voltage spike when it fried then the damage may be unrepairable...



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Good luck testing with replacing that chip. You've might been lucky, that the chip acted like a fuse, so you can simply replace it. But as others have stated: Other components might still have been affected. 30v is a might much, but i really hope for your sake that you were lucky, and that it will work with a replacement chip.  :)

I would have tried the same :P

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