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Unable to Connect to Irc.Hak5.Org 2018


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having an issue connecting to irc.hak5.org ; I have tried specifying the port 6667 on xchat. I have tried just opening a new server window and giving the command /server irc.hak5.org and /server irc.hak5.org:6667 and nothing.. It keeps looping with this message.

* Looking up irc.hak5.org
* Connecting to irc.hak5.org (
* Connected. Now logging in.
* Disconnected (Remote host closed socket)
 Cycling to next server in Hak5...
* Disconnected ()
* Looking up irc.hak5.org
* Connecting to irc.hak5.org (
* Connected. Now logging in.
* *** Looking up your hostname...
* *** Looking up your ident...
* Capabilities supported: away-notify extended-join account-notify multi-prefix sasl tls userhost-in-names
* Capabilities requested: away-notify extended-join account-notify multi-prefix userhost-in-names
* *** If you are having problems connecting due to ping timeouts, please type /quote PONG LNGRZDaR~l or /raw PONG LNGRZDaR~l now.
* Capabilities acknowledged: away-notify extended-join account-notify multi-prefix userhost-in-names
* *** Could not resolve your hostname: Request timed out; using your IP address ( instead.
* *** Ident request timed out.
* *** Could not find your ident, using ~localg0d instead.
* Closing link: (~localg0d@ [Connect on port 6697 with SSL, since we're an SSL-only network.]
* Disconnected (Remote host closed socket)


As you can see, i've tried using ports 6697 and 6667 with no luck. On the off chance that they do allow me to connect for a brief moment it tells me I must register first. But, when I try to message nickservice to register I am unable and the server connection restarts immediately.. Is there a link here in the forum somewhere to a solution that has been found or is the service not working?

I have also tried connecting to secfo/irc with the same server messages given to me as posted above..

Any information would greatly be appreciated.


Thank you for your time all..

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Ever figure out what was going wrong?

I am able to connect to irc.hak5.org:6697 over SSL no problem at all, but when trying to connect to chat.freenode.net I get very similar errors/output as you posted originally. I'm def a newb to IRC but I have always been able to connect before..

My prob might just be me still getting used to using konversation

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