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Hi everyone,

In an effort to lower the barrier to entry of writing Ducky Scripts even more, our newest addition to the development team @dallaswinger has created a totally self-contained HTML file which acts as a Ducky Script encoder.

In addition to supporting all currently available commands the original Java based Duckencoder, this new version also supports different keyboard layouts in the form of the Bash Bunny language files.

We will be adding more features to this encoder soon, and are especially looking forward to your feedback. Please leave all suggestions or bug reports in this thread.

The jsencoder.html file can be found attached to this post and should be considered to be in beta. If it drinks your coffee, eats your pets, or starts an intergalactic war, please blame @dallaswinger.

Note: You currently need an internet connection to load the bootstrap CSS and jQuery JS files. As this is not the final release, we have forgone including them inside of the HTML.


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Fantastic! This encoder just saved me a ton of time. I had a massive script and the java encoder was taking forever. This worked so much better.

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I'm trying to set the STRING_DELAY amount to 10, but anything under 20 and I get complete garbage - volume changes, screen takes a photo of itself, random characters type. I made a test STRING before the STRING_DELAY 10, and the test string works fine... until it gets to the delay. It's about as simple a script as can possibly be made, so what am I doing wrong?

STRING this is a test and only a test

STRING_DELAY 10 this is a test and only a test


For the record, if I type "STRING DELAY 20 this is a test and only a test" or anything higher than 20, it comes out fine. I'm using the newest HTML Ducky Encoder (beta)... perhaps that's the issue?

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Thank you for the report and I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with the new encoder; I will take a look and see if I can find the issue.

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