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Stop plugin spying?


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I am using an Adblocker and often see a notification that I shall turn it off, I think it is a bit scary that webpages can see what addons I'm using and due to that change or block content, so is there a nifty way that I can make my browser to send altered information to the websites, a bit like it saying I have OS/X rather than Linux Mint or that I have no Ad Blocker or any other addons?

Yes, I'm a noob and therefore need help with simple things like this.

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This is merely a server-side process which enables it to deliver your browser requests in a more dynamic fashion (ie more personalized responses to the user, rather than standard static rendering).

Its common procedure today for a Browser/Server relationship in almost any URL you visit today. Its by no-means 'malicious' and does not present any dangers other than a little slice of private information gathering by the server (most of all your browsing habits)

Depending on which browser you use, settings are often allowed to be tightened by the user in this regard (ie Hardening Firefox). This will help to adjust any information your browser shares with the server.

If your desire is to 'Fool' the server with false information requests, you would need to alter the HTML Packet headers query string and information body parameters. To do this you would need to have a good knowledge of HTML Coding, and be conversant with the use of an intercepting HTML Proxy such as 'Burpsuit' in order to 'sniff' packet headers, record them, and then alter them. Its a lot of work for little reward really.

This is something that cant be taught to you in simple forum thread, you should use the above information given, and research more about the subject in order to grasp it sufficiently.





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The notifications you are getting are likely just static images underneath the advertisement being blocked. Another popular method of detecting adblockers is to load an image that the adblocker will block, and then check the width of the image. if the width is 0 or null, then display the AdBlock notification.

It's all client side.

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This reminds me about that epic "90's hacker-movie" that i can't remember the title of!  We need an: "Ad-block blocker-blocker"!?
Jokes aside. I have encountered these sites, but haven't debugged exactly what's going on. But i reckon it's just like @Foxtrot says. "It's all client side"

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