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multipule location stoae


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hi all i have a nas but i was whanting to creat 2 off site backups (now i know i can back up to a hdd then take to the location (but were is the fun in that) so basicaly a mini nas at 2 different locations locations i know quit alot when it comes to it i was thinking of doing sothing along the lines of a vpn based conection but i have not delt with creating a vpn yet (my next project) but the wan ip of all 3 locations changes every 3 days via the isp witch i think might interfier with things 



(i could simpaly have a computer there and remot conect in and do it that way but i am wanting it autamated takeing backups every 12 hours)

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There are several services that do very similar to what you are wanting. Are you wanting file or system backups?

Just a few of the simpler things that will need dealt with:

If you IP changes every few days, you are either going to need to get static IPs from the ISP or use a service like DynDNS

To setup the VPN do you plan to use a computer for your "mini NAS" or what kind of hardware are you looking at?  It will have to support VPN unless you plan to setup the VPN at the router and have the NAS hardware behind it.

Does the backup software you plan to use support automated backups to multiple locations? Or are you planning on a more custom option? 

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