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Tricksy Networking Problem...


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- iBook G4, running a webserver

- iBook is connected to an Airport

- Airport is connected to a DLink router



- Run webserver to the outside world

Gah! I've tried every trick, tutorial, etc. it just won't work! Anyone got any advice on how to do this?

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Not to sure about airport (never used one) but that just means i shout louder.

What gives you the IP address for the iBook? The D-Link or the Airport?

First step is give your iBook a static IP address, then in the D-Link, forward "port 80" to "port 80" of the Airport modual, and then forward "port 80" again with the Airport to your iBooks static IP. This should work.

But why have a web server running on a notebook via wireless? Much easyer to just get hold of an old PC, cable it in to the D-Link, bung *nix on it, and hide it somewhere out the way.

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Is port forwading enabled on the Airport?

To expand on this -

What port do you want it to be? 80 or something else thats obscure?

I am not patronizing you but does the Dlink have port forwarding to the Airport? If so then do you have the port mapping defined on the Airport (Just like Mubix asked)?

If so then do it again from start to finish. You can check out this guide to help -



and check this site to see if your port that you define is actually "Open" which is RED for bad.


Go down to the bottom and click proceed if you agree to their terms. Then use the "Custom port probe" put in your port and click custom port probe again. If you FAILED - that means you are now live on the internet on that port. If you "Succeeded" then your machine didnt respond to the "request."

Hope this helps.

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slightly off topic, but this site has to be the daddy of port forwarding resources.

It is :-) Best resource out there and its always done well for tutorials.. if... they had them. If they didnt, then you were kinda screwed and had to go to the manufacturers website to figure it out for your friend over the net :-p

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