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Can either the LAN Turtle or Packet Squirrel work connected between a WiFi router and the Ethernet at the wall.


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Perhaps I'm not understanding how either of them work, but I'm looking for a way to sniff and record packets when its connected in-between the Wifi router and the wall outlet providing the internet to, in order to track and monitor all users connected to my WiFi. 

For some reason, I'm under the impression that these products need to be connected in-between the router and the computer. ?

I want to test this on both a normal netgear internet router and a Google Mesh network with either product connected to the main Google Mesh.

Thank you for any help with understanding how these work and finding which best fits my needs. ^_^

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1 hour ago, meowmix said:

Thank you for any help with understanding how these work and finding which best fits my needs. ^_^

IMO the packet squirrel would be better for that with 2x lan ports its more suited and could be situated at host end or router end or the wall socket in the middle.


The  LAN turtle could do similar but needs a host that can deal with USB Ethernet, so typically sits at the host/PC end of the cable and not the router or middle points.

Neither have WIFI interfaces by default so something to note. Although the packet squirrel can use a wifi adapter you then loose storage so something to be aware of.

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