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Drone hacking


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Hey everyone,

About a month ago I bought a Silverlit Excelsior drone (I know, just a cheap toy), and this is my first drone (hence the cheap toy, as I wanted to know if it was something for me...and it is). However, the app that comes with the drone, so you can have a FPV experience, just simply doesn't work. It connects, shows a still image, and then just keeps on showing that image, or goes black screen.

As the damned thing is so cheap anyway, I figured this could be a fun exercise for me to puzzle my way through, and perhaps build an app myself for the drone. But I kind of got stuck a bit with the RTSP protocol, and how to interact with the drone's camera. I tried a direct VLC connect to the drone's camera, but got an error.

I have already tried to contact the company for specs or a solution, but they simply don't reply. (I wonder even if they still exist, even though their website is still up. As even the suppliers here in Europe have no more working telephone numbers on their website).

Do any of you have any ideas on how I should proceed?

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I would do some serious digging around the web for more information about the drone.  You are going to need to know the protocol and what commands are required to make certain functions of the drone work.  If no one has done it before and the company will not respond/share information on the functioning, it will most likely require reverse engineering the drone to find all these thing out. 

If the drone has a FCCID on it that might help with information on the data communications part of it.  It can be surprising sometimes the information found with an FCCID search.

Also posting all known information, like FCCID, on the forum makes it easier for other interested people to help!

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