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Internet Connectivity Issues


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Hey everyone, I have an issue that hopefully you will be able to help me with.

So I am trying to configure internet connectivity on my Pineapple Nano, and I am doing it using Darren's wp6.sh script that I found on his Github repo. I have a pretty good idea on what the scripts (setting up internet sharing via ip forwarding) and I manage to run the script without any issues. However, I still can't for the love of my get internet connectivity on my nano :(

Here is the routing table and iptables settings for my host (the default gateway is I also made sure ipv4 forwarding is enabled


This is the routing table configuration for my pineapple


I have setup on my host the nano's interface to as can be seen on this image


What I am doing wrong? :( . I factory reset the nano a couple of times, use different networks and still getting the same result. Is there anyway to check that the forwarding is working on the host?

Thank you for your help!!





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