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Firmware 1.5 wont update


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I just got a Bash Bunny and it is running firmware 1.3_267 and figured there is newer firmware for it , so like a good little computer user I should update. I have tried two different methods and both fail in the same way. First, I downloaded version 1.5_298 and copied to the root of the BB, rebooted the BB and I get a green then red/blue flashing for about 3 minutes then a slow blue. I was thinking "that was easy", but when I mount the device the update file is still in the root and the version.txt still has the old version number. I then tried the "bunnyupdater" again everything looked like it was working for about 3 minutes, but same results. I have even tried the "3* green led wait then pull" reset, but both give same results. Everything else seems to be working. I can connect to it over serial with screen, create a payload that works, ssh to it, setup networking and ping google from it. It is great, but I cant update it. I have to be missing something stupid simple. Please help.

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So I think I figured this out and thought I would give an update so if anyone else runs into this issue they have one more thing to check. When I was troubleshooting I used multiple computers and even did the ase256 check when the update file was on the BB and it was good. I also tried going to version 1.4 with the same issue. I swapped everything out BUT the usb c adapter is was using. When I eliminated the adapter and plugged directly into a computer it worked. The issue seems to be the apple usb adapter Model: MJ1M2AM/A 

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