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Clients can't connect after update to 2.1.0


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After I have updated to the latest firmware 2.1.0 clients can't connect to the access points that is broadcasted. I have set the filters to Deny and PineAP to broadcast and allow associations

Using the old firmware worked fine and I got a lot of clients connected

Anyone has a clue to this ?





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Try adding some MAC addy's to client filtering in deny mode (I use my phone and desktop PC as examples which i dont want connecting anyway)

Added my home AP into the SSID filter (also in deny mode as you have it set)

Works ok in 2.1.0

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Hey, all. Your problem sounds a lot like what I experienced; my pineapple nano was delivered to me yesteryear. After I set it up on my android phone (as i wait for a new laptop in the mail) I tried tethering my nano to the hotspot on my phone. On the dashboard, I am able to load bulletins, download modules, and the rouge AP I set up on the Pineapple shows  a good signal before I connect to it on my old laptop (Windows 8.1, however is it warned that it is an unsafe network before I connect). I did manage to connect to it once on my laptop, but after playing with Random Roll for a bit I went to bed, now it seems I can't connect. I will try factory resetting it later, but in the meantime does anyone have any suggestions as to why I can't connect??

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