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Wifi pine apple feild guide

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I just ordered the wifi pine apple feild guide to compliment the nano and mk5 that i already own. My question is. Is there going to be some decent subject content or will it pretty much just be a install guide just like the wifi pineappleing book that was previously on the hack store  but removed. 

Any one enjoy the book ?.


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i have the book now. So what will you learn if you read it. A bit of history of the 6th generation of the wifi pine apple .Its use and how it fits into the work flow. You will learn about its hardware components though it did not include a circuit diagram. You will learn about what wifi is and how it is broken down. You will learn about the pineapples power needs in detail. You will get a guided example of the pineapples pine ap functions with each part of the pine ap section explained . A explained paragraph or two on moduals. a install guide for windows/linux/android. 

Plus a bit more. So basicly some info on the pineapple and some of the info hack five spoke about wene darren and sharon did there wifi hacking episodes and explained frames,becons ect.  I admit wene i ordered the book i was exspecting it to just look good on the bookcase and nothing else after there first book on the pineapple but this one was a good read. Some people may be advanced enough to understand the knowledge already but for some one who would like some more knowledge on the pine apple and its work flow and hardware  this book works well. 

should this book contain more info on a few subjects well i think the answer to that is there is always room for improvement and that this book should come default with the pineapple. But even though it does not its only 10$ if you live in the usa ( more for me in australia) if i wanted to buy all there books that are on sale at the current moment of this post it would cost me 70$ that includes shipping in the future i will probly buy them all and post my thoughts. There is probly some things i left out and if so i apologise.

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