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open ssid created does not connect


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Hello dears,
I do not have much experience, it's my first time with the nano pineapple.
and update to the latest firmware 2.1.0.
when I create a free ssid no device is connected, it's like rejecting it.
even being very close.

Can you help me ??


excuse my english google translator


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Make sure you have the filters setup correctly

Deny mode means that the listed Mac address's will  not be allowed to connect. So if you want lots of devices to connect without adding Mac address's to the list set it to deny mode. This method is also know as blacklisting


Allow mode means that any of the Mac address's listed can connect and have to be on this list to connect. Devices that are not on this list have to be added to connect. This is also known as whitelisting as all other devices will be rejected

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