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Mac OSX + Kali linux VirtualBox + Nano


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I just received my Pineapple Nano and i'm having a lot of trouble getting it to connecting through to the internet. I have been able to get everything setup but the internet. Ive used the .wp6 and what not. I'm on a 2012 Macbook pro running Linux in VirtualBox. Does anyone have any experience with getting it connect properly?

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You have to setup the nano as a USB device for the VM for it to connect correctly. Then in the Kali vm, make sure your regular internet is connected, and you can ping out.  Then run the wp6.sh. The pineapple ip won't show up so make sure you know the Interface for it.  Connect and boom, there ya go 

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Facing the same setup and issue. I can't seem to get ICS working.

On the Kali/Virtual Box, I've connected the Nano as USB device AX88x72A. It shows up was eth1 with IP address 172.16.42.x. My eth0 is set as bridged and shows up as 192.168.x.x.  I am blessed to ping and browse the internet just fine as well as hit the Nano console.  I've run the WP6 script and all settings / detections seem fine.  I can still see the IPs and browse and ping as noted but the Nano does not have internet connection.

Have you had any luck? Any suggestions?  

Can someone share what their routing table looks like?

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Keep your pci Ethernet on after the the pineapple is on for your Kali vm. Then run the wp6.sh and set it up manually. The IP for the pineapple won't show up on the settings so know your interface for it ( eth1 ) and then connect.  It will activate ics and the webui 

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