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CC1101 dongle/transceiver on eBay -- anyone used this?


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Hello folks, has anyone gotten two of these to work as, perhaps, a chatroom (like the YS1 with ToorChat)?



One blog post i looked at, which i can't find now & was undated, said he could find no documentation on how to use this. I would like to use it as a chat transceiver, controlled by python scripts.

Also found this: https://github.com/veonik/arduino-cc1101

but i am not knowledgeable enough to figure out if the USB CC1101 goes with an Arduino, or if it's necessary to jump into Arduino to do this. I'm hesitating getting into Arduino, and if there's a simple usb dongle that can send & recv text using FSK with Python scripts, i'm in favor of that. ...  There are CC1101 available that are not USB.


Thanks for any comments .   --orrin

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Here is the guy who was trying to research this in 2013: https://allodox.wordpress.com/2013/01/15/usb-1100pa-433mhz-wireless-rf-transceiver/

He tried to install the driver for his Ubuntu machine, but got errors, as he states in his blog.

And then he links to this site, in Chinese, but can be run thru a translator: http://www.fytoo.com/msg.php?id=158


So I am wondering if anyone has successfully used this device. For example, for 2-way chat, it's very inexpensive compared to a YS1. ... Thank you.

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Well no responses to this, from people who may have used it. Here is my update from doing searches. So far i have no solution for the dongle (usb) version of this, but it looks like there are an Arduino (and an R Pi) solutions for using the CC1101 transceiver:

with Arduino: https://github.com/veonik/arduino-cc1101 and
with no usb connector: https://www.ebay.com/itm/CC1101-315-433-868-915Mhz-Wireless-Module-SMA-Antenna-Transceiver-for-Arduino/272432624852?epid=509065236&hash=item3f6e3ff4d4:g:V00AAOSwXeJYFtlQ




And yet more:




The R Pi solution looks the most attractive to me, since i have a spare one, and i don't have an Arduino .

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Did you get this working I've been looking into it but it's a big learning curve. All the pi solutions use spi but the usb stick is duart. If I send data down the serial port to it with pyserial the light comes on, but I have no idea how to set the frequency. I want to change it 433.42 MHz so I can use it with pisomfy to control smart blinds 

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