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Not a hacker, need help.


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I'm not a hacker. I went on onion sites and tried to find help in so many places but I couldn't. My ex is leaking my nudes online on fake instagram pages and then following everyone I know from those accounts. This has been going on since the past three years. He made my life a living hell in my previous school and now I'm in another school where his fake instagram activity has started all over again. I made my instagram account private so he won't see who to follow from my followers. He went to my brother's instagram and then followed all of my family from his new fake instagram. I'm miserable af becauseĀ  of him, all I need is proof he's behind it. Something like a phone number being used to login to that instagram, or the email address, idk, I'm really desperate for help and I want this to stop. Can anyone here please help me out?

Right now the fake instagram alias is burhanabban123

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1 hour ago, burhanabban said:

Can anyone here please help me out?

Yeah most countries have laws against "revenge pornography" these days. Go to the cops and provide them with as much info as possible (sounds like you have lots) then let them take care of the rest.

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I would;

  • Contact the Police and give them as much information as possible.
  • Contact Instagram Customer Support with details of the previous account names the culprit has used and quote to them the Police contact details and case number, so that they can pass along details of the phone numbers/email addresses used to sign up with. Hopefully from this the Police will have some evidence of your ex or someone associated with them setting the accounts up.
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