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Firmware upgrade


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Next to add to firmware!

Incorporate airdecap-ng.

With proper pcap file transfer.


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Am i missing something here...

"With airdecap-ng you can decrypt WEP/WPA/WPA2 capture files. As well, it can also be used to strip the wireless headers from an unencrypted wireless capture." - from the Aircrack website

The packet squirrel does not have a wireless interface, and if you plug a USB wifi adapter in to capture you then don't have much storage on the device for the capture file.  This looks more a tool for a Wifi Pineapple than the Packet squirrel.


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If you save your packets for a later snack though! But airdecap-ng works only if you have the password. But your are hardlined into the network? So packets wouldnt be encrypted. If you did a side jack of airdecap-ng to work on a hardline, without knowing passphrase. 

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