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Is there any payload for BB, that can store system info to .txt file. I need to make a list of all computers in office and it will be nice if BB can extract:

Windows version and product key

Office version and product key

List of hardware in PC

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using the command systeminfo will give you the Windows Version and information. 

systeminfo >> youroutputfile.txt

In the same commandbox (admin like) you can get the product key using 


wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey




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You could potentially get network information by running an NMAP scan on the client as well. Get a fingerprint of the OS and stuff without ever touching the machine. Very useful.

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The question is... do you want it to be stealthy? or just as administrator...
Its true Bashbunny and Rubberducky can be used as infiltration/information gathering devices....

But, also as a usefull tool to do repitive tasks as administrator - like installing xx new laptops -
If you know what you are doing... you can do nice things with this device!

I do agree with MB60893 ...
If you want info, stealthy/or not, there are other solutions...  

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