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I will like to know if there is a single courseware out there which has detailed the topic "system penetration" when reading the CEH course.I am self pace learning and i am stuck at the mentioned topic above because i have not been able to get a well detailed step by step of how to penetrate a system in over 20 journals and books for theĀ  coursewares out here.I have done a whole lots of digging and digging but it looked like all the tutors are shy off how to teach the penetration itself.I am thinking its a knowledge that every interested candidate who is ready to study CEH should have on their finger tips because after the cert you will be deploy to do real world system penetration.Any mentor to take me through that very topic because i have been doing all the studies of my own and need help now

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No one will tell you how to penetrate a system because they are all different. What you need to learn is the basics and then put them together in an attack.

I can teach you to walk but walking up a mountain is different to walking to the shops or through a wood or with friends.

The best advice, and very few people listen to this, is to learn to admin or develop first. If you want to do network testing then learn to admin a network. Properly. Not two boxes at home connected to your router. Build big networks in VMs, put in different OSs, set up roles and services, do big things.

If you want to be an app tester, install LAMP stacks, swap out Apache for Nginx, migrate to IIS, write some code, get database connections working.

If you don't understand how things work you'll never be able to fully test them as everything you'll be doing will be blind.

It is hard work, it isn't glamorous, you won't be able to show off your skills to your mates, but it will pay dividends in the long run.

And stay away from CEH, it has no credibility in the industry. Look at things like SecurityTube instead, much better quality.

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What are you trying to accomplish with your pen. testĀ #1 take it from there!

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