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Internal command to make Command prompt full screen.

Guest TehHacks

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Guest TehHacks


I am not that very experianced with the windows command line, as i learnt how to use the command line properly on *nix systems and i have only ever used the windows command line to do things like "IPCONFIG" "PING" or just basicly navigating the hardrive.

However I am writeing a .BAT script that displays information that is retrived from several programs that have been writen in c++, its not very usefull its just something i have been messing around with.

When i run the .BAT file, it works fine, but only in a small window on the screen and the only way i can get it to display full screen is if i press alt + enter, i would like it to display full screen, like the terminal that comes up on linux if you press ctrl + alt + backspace.

is there an internal BATCH command that can do this? or is it possible to write another program (in C, C++, ect) that would do this for me.



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Guest TehHacks

I'm sorry i think you may have missunderstood me, either that or i am just being incredably dence.

i will re-phrase the question, with the help of graphical aids.

i was wondering if there was an internal BATCH command that would make my batch script display in the command prompt window like this (fake screen shot, because you can not take a screenshot when command prompt is in full screen mode):


rather than how it is being displayed now, which is like this:


(sorry for the horrible desktop in the screen shot, i am on my sisters computer, and lets just say its rather ... neglected)

or would it be possible to write a program that would this for me.

i hope i made myself more clear.

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Guest TehHacks

Sorry about the BMP. i didnt think. i re-uploaded and JPG

anyway the question is not why, but how.

I want to know for the sake of wanting to know. Consider it a search for knowledge, and the fact that my OCD wont stop bothering me untill i find out.

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