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[FIXED] New hackrf, all FM stations sound like chipmunks?

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After flashing the firmware on the hackrf to the latest, i forgot to the flash the newer CPLD image! GG. 


Hey guys, just recently got a hackrf one and every station I tune into with SDR# sounds like chipmunks. I tried it on a fresh copy/install on my other windows 10 machine. Same results. I did upgrade the firmware on it to the latest from the github repo, without any results. I don't even know if I can trust this device or if it's fault because I literally can not get a decent answer or get pointed towards the possible issue. 

This is an example of what all radio stations around me sound like: instaud.io recording

These are the current settings I used: imgur screenshots


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Someone on reddit posted this: 

"I opened in it my audio editor and it seems to be at normal speed when shifted down -10 semi-tones. No idea what's up with your HackRF though."

But I do not know why it would need to be sped down... two diff machines, two diff sound cards... is this even a sign of a bad SDR or? Never experienced this with my RTL-SDR before. Nothing even close..



I just ran hackrf_debug -s -n 0 -r to check the CLKIN readings... and mine is spitting out 0x51 which apparently means no clock detected at all. I wonder if this could be causing it?

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