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Nano Tactical Battery doesn't work??


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Hello, I just got my Wifi Pineapple Nano Tactical kit yesterday and the battery it came with doesn't turn the Pineapple on. I plugged the power bank in over night and this morning when I checked, it had 3 little dots to show it was charged, so I plugged in my Pineapple and it didn't turn on, so I tried clicking the little button on top which did absolutely nothing (not even turning on the lights 0_o), so I tried to plug in my phone and it didn't charge that either. I then tried to charge the power bank again, but when I plugged it in, it showed 3 dots, and when I clicked the button on top, it would turn on the lights again... I let it sit plugged in for a few more hours and tried it again with multiple devices and nothing worked..

Am I using this power bank wrong or is it faulty??? I also tried multiple clicks of the button, long clicks, short clicks, and multiple long clicks and nothing worked :(


Any help is greatly appreciated! 

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