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Reset issue?


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I'm sorry I'm having a reset issue. Arming mode results in a police R/B. I'm still able to access the bunny because one of the switches was set to the default so I was able to get right back in, The problem is arming mode remains unuseable. How can I fix this? I tried the inserting 3 times with green light etc but it just kept resulting in police led instead of red. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I figure there might be an easier path since switch 1/2 are currently functioning as arming access. 

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Even though I replied in DM I will post here for anyone in future. 

Basically the instructions I was seeing were outdated and telling me to expect a red led light. I'm running a newer firmware I assume because instead I got police lights flashing red/blue. The reset took longer than I would have expected. Otherwise I followed the Unbricking Guide here < 


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