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QuickCreds & Responder


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Do we have any clean procedure to run QuickCreds and Responder, i have read multiple threads and lot of people are complianing about the same.

a) After Installing both We get error for out of Space

b) Even after putting in the Responder from the git manually, Quick creds is not running

I am willing to make a quick Tut to sort this out for everyone in the forum, please share your inputs or tweaks which have worked for you.



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Ok, read the posts more carefully and here is the step by step process

1) Reset LAN Turtle
b) Set Password
c) Download Responder ZIP https://codeload.github.com/lgandx/Responder/zip/master
d) Unzip in your Machine and transfer to Turtle using Winscp
e) Open Turtle Shell and move the files  
mv Responder/ /etc/turtle/Responder/
f) Install QuickCred Module shell->Turtle-> ModuleManager->QuickCreds
g) edit QuickCreds File by  /etc/turtle/modules
nano QuickCreds
remove below text

if [[ ! $(opkg list-installed | grep git) ]];
    opkg install git | dialog --progressbox "Installing dependency git" 14 72
h) Click Configure QuickCred from turtlegui
i) Start the QuickCred Module

Though QuickCred starts without any error now but still no success in capturing the creds. Will post any corrections or outcomes soon.


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