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Need advice on identifying attacks.

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This is my situation. Neighbor has been harassing us for nearly a decade, in this time he has(suspect);

Jammed and access wireless cams 

Knows when i leave out any door outside of my home

Our online accounts and banking info stolen repeatedly up to 5 times a year, even before i got up from computer.

Has keen knowledge of everything we do or are going to do around house

We wired our cameras direct and the ip camera closest to his house seems to fail and lose its recording at suspicious times (when he is harassing or home from work)

He is a cable employee for a charter company, which we dropped for uverse after repeated dos attacks were ignored

His "friends" are a cyber engineer for raytheon and rf engineer for coxent..

SO , i purchases a tetra (loaded modules), laptop w/win10 , wireshark.

Upon first scan , i found 5 hidden wifi devices (unknown, belkin,netgear, rf device and ccd) and a range booster (stronger than devices in my own home)

Wireshark monitoring network has found only a multicast listener when our camera acts up (had camera, ps and even cat7 cable replaced just in case)

Now when i fire up tetra an open network suddenly appears and stays along with tetra even after it is shut down.

I cannot get laptop to run in monitor mode.

MY QUESTION IS, with the tetra , laptop, extra dual band routers, how can i intercept all wifi traffic, identify offensive devices and log attacks on wireshark?

In a manner that i could prosecute, and not look like attack from my end?

I apologize for the messy post, i am doing this between spray coats at work.

Please help a little guy trying to live in piece.






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