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Trouble with Rubber Ducky


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So I'm having an issue with my Rubber Ducky, I've tried contacting support via email but it's been 4 days and they've yet to respond. Hopefully I can get my answer(s) here....

I've been working with my Rubber Ducky (for now on I'll call it RD)...and various firmware. I installed the Twinduck firmware on my RD and it worked for a bit. I started to try various payloads on the RD and after a few times the following happens. (Please note MSD is short for Micro-SD)

1) Insert RD W/ MSD formatted as FAT/FAT32: RD flashes red & system does not detect it.

2) Insert RD W/ MSD formatted NTFS: RD flashes green and opens the screen for the MSD folder. Windows reports an error (Code 53) with the RD driver.

3) Insert RD W/O MSD: Flashes green and Windows reports an error with the driver.


Now the weird part, if I do #3 above and push the button and remove the RD it actually begins to run the last payload that was configured (yes I'm 1000% sure there is no MSD in the RD). Basically it just runs the first couple of lines and thats it.


I've tried to re-flash the firmware thinking the Twinduck firmware is giving me the issues but even when I *CAN* get it into debug mode to flash the firmware Windows still gives an error for the driver. I've tried removing it and re-installing....same problems.



So with all that said, is there anything I can possibly do to get my RD working again? Or did my constant fiddling with the payload provide me with a broken RD??


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