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[PowerShell] - Why does this script generate spaces between every character of a password?


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Hi all,

I am using the following;



Do {

$password = $null

$characters = ‘abcdefghkmnprstuvwxyzABCDEFGHKLMNPRSTUVWXYZ12346789!£$%^&*()?’

$random = 1..10 | ForEach-Object { Get-Random -Maximum $characters.length }

$password = [String]$characters[$random]

} Until ($password -match "[0-9]")



This outputs passwords with spaces in-between every character, for example "P ! A r g k X 7 n g".

I want the password to have no spaces, for example "P!ArgkX7ng".

I can achieve this by using the following;


$password_nospace = ($password -replace "\s","")

However I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong in the above to make the password produce with spaces in it?


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You took an array and casted it to a string.  Expect spaces whenever you do that.  Correct way to handle this is to use "join".

$password = -join ($characters[$random])

if you are looking for a random password generator, here is a oneliner.

$password = -join (33..126 | ForEach-Object {[char]$_} | Get-Random -Count 20)

The count is your total number of characters in password you want.  The 33..126 is the int values for all printable ascii values..well the ones that are in series.  You can of course extend this in a loop and then test to see if it meets your complexity after each run until it matches.

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