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Profiling ?


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I have tried to find out what the Profiling does ? I can see I can add MAC address to the "Profiling control", but not sure what happens here. I have tried to google any help, but didn't find any.

Anyone who can tell me what happens here ?

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After scanning through module Recon you get "Unassociated Clients" and "SSID".


From the logic of the user interface Profiling is needed to compare "Unassociated Clients" with "SSID".

Below on the left there is a help menu:))


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I'm sorry. But it still doesn't make sense to me.

If I have a client that is associated to a SSID, I can still add this client to the "Profiling control".

I have added both some SSID and clients, just to figure out how this Profiling control works, but with out any luck.

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I also think that this module has very doubtful practical utility. Like many others from the attached set.

I still have not seen the real network vulnerability. In the module PineAP, the client is only the one who wants to become an open network client - on the other I have not got it yet.

Even if the client made a mistake and accidentally chose my trap (openAP), then I can not look at the SSL traffic. Although, perhaps I have not yet found the right approach to this problem.

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