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Not receiving items booked through Hak5 store


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6 minutes ago, H5.v6on said:

Okey, I get that. But now you are back. But you’re still not answering follow up questions. You guys have a job to do when it comes to reply time and customer service. 


As for my order. It never got registered with DHL because of the tetra tactical battery. Large battery pack/powerbanks are not allowed on planes. (New international rules)

I placed a new order yesterday without the battery pack. That’s actually not a problem. I can buy the same battery in my local electronics shop. This order are already picked up, and on its way to me.

The only downside to this is that I will not get the tetra tactical backpack.

Any way to get only the WiFi Pineapple Tetra Tactical backpack. 


Regarding battery shipments. You MUST inform the buyers that batteries are not allowed by air transport. And that they most likely will never get battery orders. The shipping cost is under 1/3 without the battery and when we count in import tax etc. it’s only logical NOT to buy battry orders overseas.


How about setting up a tactical pack for foreign customers w/o batteries?

Lmao when I Recieved the message from the warehouse guys saying can only send the Tetra Basic I was actually bummed more about not getting my Hak5 Tera Tactical Bag more than anything ?

100% when your team has time a out of U.S order page is needed for sure! 

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14 minutes ago, Darksyde said:

Lmao when I Recieved the message from the warehouse guys saying can only send the Tetra Basic I was actually bummed more about not getting my Hak5 Tera Tactical Bag more than anything ?

100% when your team has time a out of U.S order page is needed for sure! 

The backpack is the main reason that I placed the order in the first place. Ok, not the main reason but it was really damn important.  To bad I will never get one ?

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On 8/13/2018 at 9:31 AM, Foxtrot said:

Hi, sorry for the wait. As Rkiver said we've been at DEFCON. Could you private message me your support ticket number?

Understandable you guys have been at DEFCON but now going on 20 days no response to the support ticket...seems a little excessive. 

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Dear Darren , dear Sebkinne dear Hak5 Team,

finally i Ordered a Tetra Tactical Pack and other Tools at end of April to AUSTRIA.

After waiting 6 Weeks i created a Ticket to ask why USPS says waiting for item. Today (4 Months) they are still waiting for the item.
I decided to also make a search request at USPS.
After 2 more weeks a different supporter merged my Ticket with an complete different Ticket from OMAN. WHY ?? Any news on my order, NO!
USPS gave up the search up after 2 Months.

Finally i am waiting since 4 Months now, no response from support Team no nothing, got RIPPED-OFF 760 US Dollars and have a bad mind now.


:sad:  ? Aleks

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Hi all. I'm just now becoming aware of multiple related situations identified in this thread. I sympathize as no one should be waiting this long on their orders, and I offer my sincerest apologies. Looking deeper into the various issues it seems that most are related to a hazmat shipping situation that has prevented us from selling batteries outside of very limited circumstances (domestic ground shipments only). Unfortunately our logistics provider has been extremely slow to respond in rectifying the situation. For example, some international shipments sent by DHL had been shipped back then repackaged via FedEx. 


It's extremely frustrating to have high value orders containing multiple units get to the border and be delayed by days if not weeks and incur immense shipping expenses due to one unit. We have since removed all batteries from kits until a better logistics solution can be found. We are also investigating alternative logistics providers to alleviate these response delays.


I'm terribly saddened that our plan to use a professional logistics outfit for fulfillment of orders at higher speeds than possible by the small team that is Hak5 has resulted in the exact opposite in these edge cases. It's absolutely unacceptable and I share in your frustration. Furthermore, our support systems have not been adequate to deal with these logistics challenges in a timely manner, and for that I offer my sincere apologies. We are back from defcon, we hear you, and while half of us are hard at work on the next big thing - the rest of the team is dedicated to digging into to each and every support ticket to ensure that you receive exactly what you are due. You will have resolution by the end of the week.

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On 4/24/2018 at 8:38 PM, Darren Kitchen said:

Deano123 - I'm really sorry we completely dropped the ball on this. I really appreciate your patience and understanding - but you shouldn't have to wait a month for your order or a week for a response. You have my word we'll make this right - and in doing so we'll prevent this from happening again.

I must admit we're pretty damn good for the 99% of orders, but the edge cases like yours where packages go lost, stolen, stuck in customs, bounced back to us or any number of other odd exceptions - we can do better.

For what it's worth, we're in the midst of a transition here internally where we're revamping a lot of processes that were put in place ad hoc as we grew from the garage. For the most part there has already been a lot of refinement on the backend, but customer service - especially with these edge cases - is the number one area where we need improvement.

Based on this experience, we're developing a bot which will monitor the packages tracking while they're in transit and alert us if an order is taking longer than usual to get to its destination. That way we can be proactive about notifying the customer and helping in situations where customs or the shipping carriers cause issues.

I know this doesn't immediately solve your particular issue, but know that we're taking the issue seriously and we're working to solve your AWOL package in the process. You'll be hearing from us via ZenDesk/Email shortly.

xinjie00 - Your order held briefly since there was a short delay between the order being accepted and one of the items - I believe the WiFi Pineapple - being available at the warehouse. I'm 99% certain it left the warehouse yesterday (Monday).

Regarding the 30 day policy for international orders - I'd say that it's more like 2-5 days for DHL and 4-11 days for USPS - but unfortunately customs can add up to another 3-4 weeks if the package gets held and while it only impacts less than 1% of orders, sadly it's something that's completely out of our hands. The hope is that our new order tracking/alerting bot will allow us to be proactive in these situations.

I have an order with you of over $1000 , it also takes longer than a month for me.  however since this is for a business red teaming assessment next month I no longer believe I will need this order, I really have to order this somewhere else otherwise I won't make my money. this is really dissapointing.

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Ordered a wifi pinapple and try to contact hak5 via mail without any succes at all. It feels as if i got scammed. Been waiting for a month now and also payed customs fees so there has been something shipped it seems but its a mess since i still have not recieved anything. Im amazed as well.

I tried contacting DHL but they cant investigate the problem further before i contact the seller hak5 in this case. Meanwhile my money is gone and i have no products.

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They use  UPS Mail Innovations this is the crappiest tier shipping where UPS hands it off to USPS but it sits there for 7-10 days in between. The thing is guaranteed to just sit there and the tracking will not update and it appears to be quite lost or in limbo. You email support and they do not tell you this.

Here is a review of the service its attrocious https://www.webretailer.com/reviews/ups-mail-innovations/

So for people supporting this, lets imagine a discussion from a three letter agency. 

yeah you know these hak5 guys making this stuff and shipping it to people all over the world dang that sucks for us. The next guy says don't worry they use UPS mail innovations and we can have a whole week to intercept and play with they stuff before its handed off to UPS. Sure that is a bit paranoid but it is the reality of the situation. plus they come in an unsealed box.

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Hi every one . I am new here and this is my first post.  About 3 weeks ago I purchased the rubber ducky elite version which was supposed to contain "payload studio pro" but I can not find it neither on the  rubber ducky USB drive nor in the material which was shipped along with the usb drive . Am I missing something here? Is the payload studio pro supposed to be downloaded from Hack5 website or does it come with  the USB?I understand It can be downloaded from Hack5 website but I do not have any licence key to do it. So my question is:

1)How do I receive the licence key for rubber ducky to download the payload studio pro.?  

Thank y'all for your help.

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