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Setting Up on MacBook Pro 2017


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Before anyone says yes i have used the search on the forums to try and find what im looking for and also i've tried google ? now thats out of the way..

So i purchased a Wifi Pineapple Nano, and did the first part of the setup fine, as in updated the firmware etc, however i cant get any internet connect. From my searching i have found many others with the same issue but no real solution, just bits and pieces on different sites. Also the one guide i did find was based on the older macbooks before apple got rid of the usb ports in favour for the thunderbolt. Im finding it quiet frustrating that you have a product like the Macbook Pro being as popular as it is, and very little documentation or guides on how to actually get the Nano setup and working. 

Any help on a complete step by step guide would be much appreciated right now 

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