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issue with tools


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Brand new with the BB and im having a few issues (def my fault)

When I went to put things like impactor and Lazagne into the tools folder on the bb I just dragged them over, ejected the device, plugged it back in, and the LED went magenta, but still nothing in the tools folder. 


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1 hour ago, atwom said:


Do you mean "Impacket"?

The tools are removed from the tools folder on the BB's USB storage, so they shouldn't be there when the BB finishes rebooting. SSH/Serial into the BB and check the /tools folder. Impacket should be there.

I know a few payloads just reference LaZagne as an executable and use it with arguments in their payloads, so try that instead. Just put LaZagne.exe in the switch folder where your payload that references it is, and then you can reference that with arguments.

Useful links:

https://www.hak5.org/gear/bash-bunny/docs (Refer to the "Installing and using additional tools" section)


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