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Detect when Powershell payload has finished


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I've seen this mentioned a few times, but no solution as of yet. I'm using Powershell as a payload that is saving data into the loot folder.

It's working fine, but I need a way of notifying the Bunny when the script 'has finished', for notification. I tried the 'until' command in a sleep loop in payload.txt watching for creation of a 'finished' file, but like others in that forum that does not seem to work.

Has anyone else found a way of making this work? 

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I've had experiences with PSH and Bash not seeing each others' created files - very frustrating. E.g. If PSH creates a file, Bash won't see it, and vice-versa. "Sync" doesn't work, either.

Just tell PSH to eject the BB when complete. Not sure how you could get the BB to recognise that, though.

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