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TCPDump printer

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Has anybody been able to mitm a printer which was using a (windows) print server?

I tried running default payload 1: tcpdump to sniff traffic going to a printer.
I read the payload and saw it put the PS into transparent netmode.

Hookup:   [printer] --CAT5-->  in-[PS]-out  --CAT5--> [wall-jack-to-switch]

The printer is hardcoded to a specific IPv4 address and uses a print server for spooling.
Whenever the PS is placed inline, all systems & print-server say the printer is no longer reachable.
Confirmed by pinging the hardcoded IP of printer that it is not reachable.

PS boots up fine (blue-blinky) then starts payload,
even though the printer's not available I still sent a print-job
waited, hit the PS button and connected it back to my attack platform.

The payload didn't seem to have run, as there was no "loot/tcpdump" folder created.
The fact the printer dropped off, makes me wonder about transparent mode as well.

Pretty sure there's no port-security, the other network segments don't have it.
I also tried swapping the in/out cables to the PS and rebooted it, still no success.

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Posted (edited)

I suspect it's not running the right payload, maybe the wrong switch?

Refer to this image:


Edited by Dave-ee Jones

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