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Victim wont send back tcp


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So heres my problem, i made a payload for reverse_tcp, using standard reverse_Tcp, i set it to port 4444, and my local ip. I done this on a vm. I got Bridge networking on it. Anwyays when i launch it on my victim pc. It doesnt send back a tcp connection, However the weird thing is when i scanned the port 4444 to see if it was open, it was. And when i scan it in nmap i get a meterpreter session from nmap, but when i try to open one from my other pc it wont even give me a session its like i never opened it. Why can Nmap send me a meterpreter connection, But My other pc cant. i got screenshots!


Metasploit Payload, this screenshot was taken after i opened the exe on other pc. https://pasteboard.co/HgkWa5t.png

Nmap scan saying port is open https://pasteboard.co/HgkWEgg.png 


The other pc, is arch x64 with windows 10. I am running kali linux bridged networking(automatic) with both pc's connected to ethernet, from same router. Thanks!

Also how can i fix my issue?


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