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Where should i start?


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As a kid i have seen a lot of movie about hacking and spying so i went to the family computer and tried it out but discoverd that you need some skill to do these sort of stuff so i left it.

But now i have started getting into it again and trying to find out how and what i should do. The thing is just that it is very hard to find those types of sites or videos where they take you from beginner to pro and have multiple choises for different types of hacking because alot of the videos are like "HOW TO HACK INTO YOUR GIRFRIENDS PHONE TO SEE IF SHE IS CHEATING 100% LEGIT" and those are pretty rubbish. What type of hardware should i use? What type of software should i use? Where can i learn this? etc


Thank you!

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You didn't need to make a new topic really. You could have asked this in your previous one.


But let's get down to brass tacks shall we?


Step One: Learn how to search on forums and the internet. 

I don't say that to be cruel, but to be honest. There is a topic answering this EXACT question already on these forums. That will guide you the majority of the way on all your questions.

Step Two: Learn how your own computer works, and your own network. 

Step Three: What do you WANT to learn. What is your end goal. 

Once you can answer Step Three, you will we well on your way.

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