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Site Survey Module 1.3 and Tetra 2.02 - Capture not working fix


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If you have installed the Site Survey module by Whistle Master (currently version 1.3) on the Tetra running version 2.02 you may notice that running a capture does not work.

Examining the contents of the capture.sh script in /pineapple/modules/SiteSurvey/scripts/ I noticed on line #58 of the script that the capture files are supposed to be stored in:


Unfortunately, there is no folder named 'capture' so things go poorly.

Simple fix; create the capture folder and you should be good to go!

mkdir /pineapple/modules/SiteSurvey/capture

I have several Pineapples so I'll check to make sure this isn't an isolated issue.

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You sir, are awesome. A couple weeks ago I drove myself crazy with this for hours. But I admit I also didn't bother looking into the actual module like you did to figure out what happened. Either way, making the folder did it. Thanks for the tip. 

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