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BB and Dual Mass Storage and HID

Mr Kipling

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Hey guys,

New to the forums, I have been playing with the bash bunny and so far I really think it rocks! One feature I would like to have is the option for a three device attack; HID, Mass Storage and RO Mass Storage.

1- HID for attack execution

2- Mass Storage for logging of attack result

3- RO Mass Storage for tools, such as installers etc

Is this possible?

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Anti-malware scrubs away our tools as the reputation isn't known, this I believe can be stopped by using RO storage.

However on our headless setups where I want to run these tools, I also need to collect a log, thus RO Storage will not work.

I am also trying to avoid a dual process, which I guess would work (payload 1 RO, payload 2 grabber). Just not that clean.

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