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Rant - (PHP Hacking)


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Well first of all I have been browsing through this forum and I have seen a couple posts about people wanting to hack PHP. This is very annoying alright? First of all you can not hack PHP. There are some thing that is know as injection but nothing known as PHP Hacking. I am sorry if this sounds mean and everything but please learn what you are talking about. You will probably be like "oh the n00b doesn't know anything." Well I don't care if thats the case I just want to acknowledge this fact I have seen on the forum and hopefully advance people in there posts and computing skills.

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The term 'Hacking PHP' suggests that you are abusing a flaw in the PHP interpreter. Such flaws are not particularly numouse (but still exist) in PHP (security, in a publicly usable application, is absolutely paramount).

Conversely 'Hacking phpBB' (for example) would mean you are abusing a flaw in a phpBB script.

So 'PHP Hacking' does exist, but is more rare (and harder to do) then abusing a flaw in a PHP script.

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