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Problem Loading Page - can't check for updates or modules


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Hi.  Pineapple newb, just received my nano and did basic setup last week.  Today I wanted to try some of the modules, but received "Problem loading page" error.  So I thought there might have been some kind of update, and was unable to check for updates, same error.

Note:  browser attempted to open https://wifipineapple.com/modules    doing things through the pineapple web portal.  Manually going to the modules page loaded fine   https://www.wifipineapple.com/modules      Apparently it's not liking that the page is        www.        

I looked through options in the web portal and didn't see where to edit the URL for updates and modules.


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<headsmack> That looks like it.  I stopped at the end of ch6 (setup) with the cheery "Congratulations! Your WiFi Pineapple is now up and running."

After going through ch8 I can see and select Modules.  Yay! 

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