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a howto on wake over lan and wan


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and the point of this video is?

The only time I ever used WOL was when I had a computer set up as a DialUp server. It was scheduled to go in to standby at 05:55 every morning (peek time started at 06:00) except on week ends.

So to save my self having to wake up up by actually touching it, I configured it to WOL, so when a computer got turned on in the house it would also turn on, and it the time was between 18:05 and 05:55 (or it was a week end) it would dial and connect to the internet.

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You do not need to use the broadcast address, even if you have a switch between your router and the computer. If the packet is labelled for an IP address that is not in the switches ARP table it will broadcast it on every port any way.

Also, you didn't cover any of the local setup for configuring the computer to WOL, and you kept missing keywords which upset me (as in, every time you missed a keyword it made me go "WTF?!" and jump back).

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