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Christmas presents 2006


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17inch MacBook Pro with 3GB of memory and 200GB harddrive.

Canon EOS-1D Mark II N Digital SLR Camera

Canon EF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L

Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM

TC-80N3 Timer Remote Controller

Canon Speedlite 580EX

ScanDisk 4Gb CF card

4 batteries

CompuTrekker AW backpack

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Damn you metatron and your bank account full of money lol :lol:

I wanted a new camera so I bought it for myself for Christmas, the Laptop was a gift from my parents.

I gave my parents a Mac Pro, a Sony 52†BRAVIA 1080p TV and a years SkyHD subscription.

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ok we celebrate x-mas the german way so with the hole family (well from 1 side @least)

so that means pressy's from every1 :D

so i got :

clothes, candy (wtf ??) , some cd-r and dvd-rw 's , a cute pink piggy bank pre-filled with money (it was kinda embarassing trying to get it out tho and took me ages .... looked like i was fingering the damn thing :oops: and they got it all on tape now ...) , €€ , €€ , €€ , €€ , and the wii :P

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Presents -


Big set of Dremel bits


Leatherman Wave

With that money I'm going to go buy Twilight Princess, TV-tuner, and maybe something else.

mah a leatherman wave , those pwn , verry handy ...

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A lot of cooking gear, plus some money when it turned out there was a communication problem resulting in me getting 2 identcal gifts.

I bought myself some new computer gear that you can read about in another topic here, plus a new shaver.

Most importantly, I was happy with the presents I got, and others were happy with the presents I gave them. And mom made one HELL of a delicious dinner. All in all, it was a good christmas.

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Mini-Me made a mega-haul this year (as always). My wife and I normally take it easy on gifts for each other since we get what we want all year, so we just get a stocking with odds and ends. I got the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie and some stuff to play with at my desk. Plus we got a few hours alone while Mini-Me played next door! Good times.

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i got all my new bits to make my first build ... pics


;) anyone like?

Needs cable management!

What case is that?

Edit1 - If you plan to OC at all you want to get some better cooling.

My Personal LGA775 Cooler? Tuniq Tower


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I got an archos 404 mp3/pvp player. Very cool, and works cross platform perfectly.

Lots of cooking stuff for our new apartment, including a heavy duty wok.

Some cash, and gift cards for music from napster.com, and of course love, cheer and good food. The best gift of christmas was seeing the smiles on everyones faces.

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I receved a bunch of stuff for sking, now only if it snow! (stupid el nino!)
stupid son? hahaha thats what nino means if my spanish is right.

Edit ohhhhhhh you meant son as in sun.. at least i think

it's also the name of a re-occurring weather pattern.

i got a few books:

Band Of Brothers

iWoz (Steve wozniaks auto biography, man it's great, if you see it, pick it up. very interesting and inspiring)

The Story of Google

a few dvd's including The Evil Dead trilogy :D


Unreal Anthology (so i can finally play ut2004 and unreal 2)

Call Of Duty 2

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