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Linset or Fluxion on a smartphone?


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Hi folks,

I was just wondering if anyone knows if it would be possible to install LINSET or Fluxion on a Pwn Phone or Nethunter?  or neither?

I really wish these apps could work on the Nano but it looks like it's not gonna happen.



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I have fluxion on my nethunter but wene it is ran in the nethunter terminal it will ask to be ran in a graphical instance so relly its only useful to me if i run it in a vnc. which i prefer not to do so i do not use fluxion...for me it is not the future . Jokes aside you probly could run it differently but i just moved away from it.


How i got it on the nethunter ? , i gitcloned it. As well as other dependencies . 


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the problem with fluxion on anything other than a pc, is that it is very reliant on xterm and at one point will open 5 xterm sessions at once running everything.  

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Fluxion uses xterm to open multiple windows so you need a desktop environment for that to happen.  It is some fancy scripting that uses aircrack for recon to assist in target select, MDK3 as an option for deauthing, cowpatty as an option to verify handshakes, aircrack or hostapd for AP, isc-dhcp for dhcp on the ap, DNS spoof to spoof DNS for captive portaling and several other modules like php and stuff to serve the captive portal.

I actually found it faster to get the handshakes outside of fluxion to use for fluxion's captive portal rather than use the snooper...well at least in the recent updates.

Probably can remove the need for the desktop environment by having it run each of its task windows as background tasks instead and keep track of their pid to kill when the user stops the attack.  Maybe to screens too?  I think the reason for all the windows (which I do find helpful) is so you can monitor all the modules and see what is going on in case something is not working.

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On 6/1/2018 at 4:53 AM, haze1434 said:

I've had success with Fluxion on an RPi, in a pocket, and SSH to it with a 'PwnPhone'. Works great.

Have done similar with RPi.  Can use SSH and VNC to run it from about anything with SSH and VNC apps available.  

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